Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

USS Monitor Turret Out of the Water-- Part 2

The turret is usually found submerged in a 50,000 gallon treatment tank.  While the tank is drained, it will be inspected.  Periodic sprinkles of hyperpurified, reverse osmosis water will be sprinkled on it to guard against rust.

However, unfortunately, the turret will again be immersed in the tank come August 7th.  That's tomorrow.  i wonder if i have time to catch a plane out to Newport News, Virginia.

Flanking te turret tank are two smaller ones containing two different-sized Dahlgren cannons, also undergoing preservation.

Other items preserved in plastic containers in the wet lab are a stanchion, coat, silver fork and a Navy-issue mustard bottle.

There is one item that no one, even John Quarstein, knows what it is.  However, Quarstein's very favorite artifact is a long thermometer which he knows was often looked at by the Monitor's crew as the ship was "hot, hotter and hottest" during the summer months.

They also have the red lantern which was the last part of the ship seen before it plunged beneath the waves.  It was also the first item discovered when the shipwreck was found.

The USS Monitor Foundation is currently attempting to raise $5 million in the next two years in order to continue its work with the ship.  John Quarstein offers private tours of everything for $100+.

--Old IronRunner

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