Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Raising the CSS Georgia-- Part 4: "A Splendid Failure"

The divers must wear 150 pounds of gear to dive on the Georgia.  They have 60-90 minute windows to get their work done.  They often slip straps around objects which will be raised by crane.  One such item took three dives, 6 divers and almost as many hours to retrieve.

The Savannah Ladies Gunboat Association were responsible for raising funds to build the ship.  They advertised in Georgia newspapers and held concerts and other performances to raise $115 Confederate dollars according to Michael Jordan who is an expert on the ship's history.

Serving on the Georgia was a miserable experience.  An officer wrote: "Horrible being shut up here in these swamps, in an iron box."

One woman wrote in 1862" "Our floating battery is a splendid failure.  During a long storm last week, she leaked also from the roof so there was not a dry spot for the men or anything close in the vessel.  Even their beds were wet."

But, the ship had its supporters.  Another wrote iy was "worth all the cost as a floating battery in the defense of the city."

Wonder What the Gators Think About All This.  --Old B-Runner

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