Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Friday, July 3, 2015

List of Vessels Attached to the North Atlantic Squadron, January 1, 1865

This was the Navy department's attempt at keeping up with their huge fleet of ships.  Each squadron ghad to comple one of these several times a year.

The report for this day listed 156 ships of all classes.  Of course, this squadron had been beefed up for the impending renewal of its attack on Fort Fisher guarding Wilmington.  The first attack on Christmas Day had ended in failure and many of the ships had returned to Beaufort, N.C. to prepare for the next attack, but there were still a lot of ships on station off Wilmington.

Ships reported at Beaufort or off Beaufort, N.C., as well as those off Wilmington were going to mostly be involved in the upcoming attack on Fort Fisher, Jan. 13-15, 1865.

I went through the list of ships on present duty or station to come up with these places.

Norfolk Va. Repairing--  3
Off Beaufort, N.C.--  11
James River, Va.--  29

Hampton Roads, Va.-- 5
Off Wilmington N.C.--  24
Not Reported--  6

Beaufort NC--  34
Sounds NC--  13
Norfolk, Va.--  11

Craney Island, Va.--
New York Navy Yard--  1
Norfolk Navy Yard, Va.-- 3

Naval Station Norfolk, Va.--1
York River, Va.--  33
Hatteras Inlet, NC-- 1

New Bern, NC--  1

Repairing at Baltimore--  1
Baltimore, Md.- 1
Repairing at Boston--  1

Supply Steamer--  1
Naval Magazine Norfolk, Va.--  1
Boston, Mass.--  1
Savannah, Ga.--  1

Kind of An Interesting Breakdown.  --Old B-Runner

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