Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Look at the January 1, 1865, NABS

Most of the ships were listed as 3rd and 4th class, mounting between one and ten guns.

I'll go through the list of 2nd and 1st Class Ships.  Name, class, guns, where stationed and commander:

Brooklyn, 2nd, 26 guns, off Beaufort, Captain James Alden
Colorado, 1st, 50 guns, off Beaufort, Commodore H.K. Thatcher
Dictator, 1st, 2 guns, Hampton Roads (ironclad), Commodore Jno. Rodgers

Fort Jackson, 2nd, 11 guns, Off Wilmington, Captain B.F. Sands
Juniata, 2nd, 14 guns, Off Beaufort, Captain W.R. Taylor
Minnesota, 1st, 46 guns, Beaufort, Commodore J. Lanman

New Ironsides, 1st, 20 guns, off Beaufort, Commodore W. Radford
Powhatan, 1st, 24 guns, off Beaufort, Commodore J.F. Schenck
Quaker City, 2nd, 7 guns, off Wilmington, Commander W.F. Spicer

Rhode Island, 2nd, 12 guns, Beaufort, Commander S.D. Trenchard
Shenandoah, 2nd, 6 guns, Beaufort, Captain D.B.Ridgely
Susquehanna, 1st, 18 guns, Beaufort, Commodore S.W. Godon

Santiago de Cuba, 2nd, 11 guns, Beaufort, Captain O.S. Glisson
St. Lawrence, 1st, 13 guns, Naval magazine Norfolk, Commander D. Lynch
Ticonderoga, 2nd, 14 guns, Beaufort, Captain C. Steedman

Vanderbilt, 2nd, 16 guns, Beaufort, Captain C.W. Pickering
Wabash, 1st, 44 guns, Beaufort, Captain M. Smith

I Wonder What Happened to the Monitors Involved With the Attack on Fort Fisher?  --Old B-R'er

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