Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CSS Shenandoah Fogged In, Bulloch Writes to Cease Operations

JUNE 16TH, 1865:  For two days, the CSS Shenandoah had sailed northward in fog that fortunately lifted partly just in time to enable her to miss running aground as she passed west of the Aleutians.

Three days later, half way across the world, Commander Bulloch wrote to Lt. Waddell, ordering him to desist from any further destruction of United States property upon the high seas and all offensive operations against U.S. citizens.

Unfortunately, these orders could not be delivered for many weeks even under the best of conditions.  Therefore, American whalers were destined to suffer blows from Waddell's ship for a long while.

--Old B-Runner

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