Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Benjamin Wilburne Guthrie, John J. Guthrie's Son-- Part 1

At one point earlier in my research on John J. Guthrie, I was wondering if this Confederate Navy officer was the son of John.  He was.

From "Civil War Biographies on Western Waters" by Myron J. Smith.


Born (ca 1841) in Washington, North Carolina  Died New York City May 21, 1895.


The son of John Julius Guthrie and brother of John Julius Guthrie, Jr.. 

Benjamin moved to Portsmouth, Virginia, with his family  before he was five.  Following the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, he enlisted in Company K. of the 9th Virginia Infantry on August 31, 1861.

After he was offered  an appointment  as a CSN master on February 24 and the opportunity to serve with his father and brother in western waters, he transferred from the infantry three days later.

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