Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher, NE Bastion. Frank Vizetelly (National Geographic)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wilmington, NC in October 1863-- Part 17: Mary Doesn't Write and a "Small Speculation"

Last entry for the letter. //// "Among the things I sent for from Europe was a splendid field officer's sword for Eugene; I don't know certainly if it came, but I presume it did. Don't say anything to him about it till I find out certainly. I made $500 the other day by a small speculation, which came in very well. //// Please write when you feel well enough and make Mary write; I am, I know, shamefully negligent in letter writing, but I believe Mary is worse. Tell her that I'll give her an elegant pair of English boots for every eight page letter she writes me. Tell Pa not to trouble himself any more about the (Plane?) table, which I hope to do at Xmas we can have some talk about it."

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